4 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Your Baby Gate

1. Choosing the right baby gate

First thing you should think about is how you will make use of the gate. Some are specifically designed to be used in a particular area of the house. For example, top of the stairs ones are specifically designed to be sturdier than other types of gates, and are never pressure-mounted, only hardware mounted. Other types of gates can fit wider spaces, or have extensions you can use for a wider area, and will be more suitable to divide a room or an unusual space the gate needs to cover.retractable baby gate 72 inches

2. Safety of the gate

Gates must have vertical slats, to avoid children climbing them up like ladders. If you are purchasing a retractable gate, make sure you choose those little fingers won’t get trap. Metal gates are sturdy and are an obvious choice if you want to fence the fireplace. Also consider the height of the gate. Some taller toddlers have been known to make their way onto smaller gates.

3. The look

Plastic, mesh, metal, wood, it mostly a question of choice. Wood gates tend to be the best looking ones, but plastic gates are normally cheaper.

4. Pressure vs hardware mount

This is biggest concern of many parents. Pressure mounted gates are the favorite of most parents, because they are easy and quick to install, and you don’t have to make holes in the walls. However, they are not suitable for every part of the house, and require a regular space between two walls (like a doorway), but cannot be used in some parts of the house, for instance, at the top of the stairway. Hence, the type of safety barrier you choose will probably be dictated by the placement of the gate.